You’ve Got Mail!

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In this crazy, digital age when most mail is delivered to your computer’s inbox, it’s becoming increasingly rare to get letters and packages from friends in the mail. Most of my mail consists of bills, which is just terrible! (#adultproblems, amiright?!) How can we spice up our snail mail? What could be the answer? Will the…

Re-Design Time!

· My Website Makeover ·


I recently participated in a blog review swap with some fellow equestrian bloggers and it was incredibly helpful for me. Each review I received was filled with great tips and things to consider about my blog’s design, topics and even writing style. This all came at the perfect time for me because I have been…

New Year Goals for 2016

· And a look back at 2015 ·

New Year Goals and a look back at 2016 at

Looking back at 2015, a lot of big things happened in our family. My husband and I moved. We both got new jobs. We’ve had constant projects going on in the new house and also outside (DRESSAGE ARENA!!!!). And we’ve both made more of an effort to exercise in the mornings. I recently reviewed my goals…