rustic. modern. equestrian.

I’ve always loved making my own cards and enjoy buying handmade cards for others, so the idea to open my own Etsy shop has been in the back of my mind for a long time. While searching for a birthday card for one of my fellow barn mates, I started noticing that there weren’t many options for equestrian cards out there. So, I decided to create my own design. She loved it so much that it ended up sparking ideas for other cards and prints that are sure to brighten any equestrian’s home!

New to the shop in 2016 is a line of fun jewelry that will add some spice to any equestrian’s wardrobe. Using basic metals and natural stones, each piece is as unique as you are. And be on the lookout for reclaimed home decor items perfect for adding rustic flare or modern style to your home.