In my earliest memories with encountering horses, I felt I had a strong connection to them.

My first experience was with a mare who lived behind the elementary school I attended. I would beg my parents to take me to see her every weekend and she always stood so quietly as I tried to reach up to pet her. I was fascinated with horses and wanted to learn more about them. As I got older, they were still on my mind. Every chance I could get, I would draw them, read about them and eventually began taking riding lessons.

I created a blog in hopes to share my story and my life long journey into the equine world. I was hoping this could be an opportunity for others to come and share their stories too. Perhaps, we could all learn a little more about each other and the crazy world in which we live and share with our horses.

sittingbyfenceA little more about me… I am the oldest of three sisters and am married to my husband Ryan who is highly allergic to horses. Love must be unconditional! We met at the small liberal arts college where I majored in Graphic Design. I thought I could combine my passions in life (art and horses) to create this website. I was born and raised in the still somewhat wild Oklahoma and have come to truly love the open spaces and wide skies. It has been the perfect backdrop for my adventure with Dancer.

A little about Dancer… he is an Appaloosa gelding with plenty of attitude. We share a very special connection that has been cultivated throughout many years of learning together. I like to think I’m the one doing the teaching, but I admit that I’ve learned quite a lot from him as well. He’s incredibly smart, learns very quickly and loves to be where the action is. I’ve been lucky enough to train him from the time he was a foal until now, and we’re looking forward to continuing our dressage training this year.

Thank you for visiting this site. Feel free to leave a comment behind. I hope we can all have fun and perhaps learn a little bit together. May you all continue to have a fulfilling life with your horses and remember, as Winston Churchill once said, “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”