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February 4, 2016 0 Comments

In this crazy, digital age when most mail is delivered to your computer’s inbox, it’s becoming increasingly rare to get letters and packages from friends in the mail. Most of my mail consists of bills, which is just terrible! (#adultproblems, amiright?!) How can we spice up our snail mail? What could be the answer? Will the mail ever become exciting again?


I give you the answer: the Pony Parcel!! My husband gifted me with a subscription for Christmas and I love both boxes I’ve received so far! The packaging is adorable and I can’t get over how great the logo is. So clever!!


The first box consisted of a fabulous George Morris for President shirt by Hay, Henry that I plan to wear a lot this November. Along with adorable post cards from my favorite paper company – Rifle – and fun lip gloss from Long Winter Farm . I was definitely surprised to receive this and my husband had nothing but wonderful things to say about the owner, Lindsay, who talked him through the process even though he had no idea what any of this stuff was. She has been great to respond to my questions and even exchanged my shirt for another size without any hassle. Basically, she’s a rock star!


Box #2 consisted of an adorable equestrian magnetic doll set from Mudpuppy that I will keep for any kids I may have in the future because you can’t start the horse obsession early enough. In the mean time, I may have to test it out! (I used to work at a shop that sold these and secretly always wanted one, so this was a fun surprise for sure!) There was also a pair of socks from Stick & Ball that I am obsessed with. Seriously. So comfy and so adorable!! And Dancer received a “carat cake” treat from Equine Edibles, which he is very excited about. I am just amazed that someone else out there just happens to love all the same brands that I do and has put them together in one box. I cannot wait for the next parcel!

If you’re looking for a way to Treat Yo’Self or a great gift idea, I suggest the Pony Parcel!


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